Save valuable time

Save time and costs, and prevent mistakes due to the seamless integrations with your ERP- or accounting software package.

Declaree integrates with

Integrate webservices

Via the cloud Declaree directly integrates with your online software package. The moment you export your expense reports, Declaree directly books the approved expenses to the right creditors and ledgers.

Exports for 'on-premise' software

Unfortunately for on-premise software a direct connection is not possible. However, Declaree offers an export format for these cases. This way you get the same result with a simple export and import.

How does it work?

Expense reporting for Quickbooks

Connect to ...

In the settings of your administration you find a page with all possible connections. Click ‘connect’ to establish a connection for your administration. Depending on the product you are asked for certain information. For example, your username, the number of the administration and the journal.

When the connection is completed, administrators in Declaree are able to export approved reports to your administrative software.

Set cost sorts and centers

Declaree uses clear concepts for their administrative counterparts such as creditors and cost centers. This way an employee understands which cost centers should be used for what expenses. Provide categories and projects with the codes from your accounting software. As a result, all information is available at the time of export. Without having to bug your employees with difficult concepts such as “representation costs”.

Manage costcenters in Declaree

Export to administration

After approving all submitted expense reports at the end of a period, you can select these reports and choose how you would like to export the data. Depending on what ERP- or accounting software you use the export consists of a download that can be imported, or an automatic booking in your administration.

Declaree already integrates with

  • Quickbooks Online
  • Exact Online
  • SAP (FIN/HR/Travel)
  • Oracle
  • ADP Perman & iHCM
  • Xero
  • Twinfield
  • Exact Globe
  • Exact Financials
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Unit 4
  • Nmbrs©
  • Active Directory (ADFS/Azure)
  • E-size
  • SalesForce

On request of our customers we often develop customized integrations with existing infrastructure. Automatically synchronize identities, cost sorts and/or cost centers and periodically exchange (approved) expense reports is possible based on available webservices or by means of exchange of XML/CSV/Excel files.

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