Business rules

Configure and implement your business rules using the Business Rules module. Using Declaree’s flexible Domain Specific Language (DSL) all possible situations can be implemented. Is there a maximum of 40 euro per month in travel expenses? Is it never allowed to add both public transportation and mileage expenses on the same day? Due to the powerful rule-engine compliance with company guidelines is enforced and unfortunate situations are prevented.

Standard CAO-rules

By default several pre-configured business rules are added which can be activated with one click.



Push notifications on the mobile app will directly notify employees when an expense is disapproved. Direct feedback is given about the flagged expense so that the employee always knows why an expense has been disapproved.

Custom solutions

There are specific cases where standard rules are not enough. If you want to implement your own business rules, contact us. Via our Domain Specific Language (DSL) we can offer a wide variety of solutions.