Powerful and versatile expense management software

Smartphone apps

Employees collect their expenses using the mobile app and submit their expense reports to their managers, using the same app.

Online webapplication

Use the web application to approve and export your expense reports. Manage your settings, users, and edit your workflows.

Integrate back-office

Set integrations with ERP and/or accounting software and automatically book the expenses on the right creditors, accounts and ledgers.

Directly add expenses

Employees can directly add expenses and throw away the original receipts. Expenses are locally stored and are synchronised as soon as there is an internet connection. When an expense is approved or disapproved the status of the expense is visible in the app. This way your employees are always up to date about their expense reports.

Employees add expenses on the road

Using the Declaree smartphone app, employees can submit their expenses on the go. Add receipts and other expenses through the application and immediately place them in an expense report on the right categories and projects.

Administrators check and export data

After the approval of the manager the expense report is forwarded to the financial administration. They complete the workflow by giving the final approval and exporting the data to the backoffice software.

Includes mileage tracking

Easily add mileage expenses using the map and the previously defined mileage allowances.

As well as other expenses mileage expenses are easily categorised or added to a project.

Projects and categories

Easy to remember categories and integration with back-office software ensure that employees place their expenses in the right categories from the start.

Predefine ledgers and cost centers to make sure that your employees know which cost sorts to place their expenses on.

Rapporten in de de Declaree webapplicatie

Insight in all expenses

A clear overview of your expenses through versatile graphs. Use combinations of search querys and grouping functions to show the most used cost centres, to identify the ones reporting the most expenses or to provide insight into the behavior regarding expenses and compare to the last year.

For teammanagers, administrators and individual employees an indispensable feature for quick insight in expenses.