After an employee has entered his or her expenses in Declaree and is to submit a report, the workflow is started and the report is submitted to the pre-defined approver. There are multiple ways to setup a workflow. The default workflow is a stepwise method which first submits the report to a manager and, after approval, automatically forwards it to a Financial administrator, who then conducts the final approval. It is also possible to use a project-based workflow or entirely customize the workflow based on your organization’s rules and regulations.

Versatile Workflow Engine

Use certain expenses’ characterstics to appoint the approver. Declaree’s Workflow Engine is highly versatile and can be used to implement a workflow based on your organization’s rules and regulations. Multiple checks can be defined per action (e.g. submitting a report) to define who the next approver of a specific expense report should be.

Project-based workflow

Does your organization use projects to categorize costs? Use a project-based workflow to submit project expenses to the correct project manager. One or multiple project manager(s) can easily be added.

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Integrated Backoffice

The seamless integration between Declaree and the ERP- or accounting system avoids making mistakes and automatically orders expenses in the correct categories.

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White Label

With White Label the possibilities are endless. You can create your own domain and app that fit with the corporate image of your company.

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Data Provisioning

The Analysis-Tool provides a clear overview of the expenses per employees within your organization. Detailed graphs offer you a perfect insight in expense patterns

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