White Label

Prefer custom-designed applications for your organization? With our White Label feature we can adjust the design of the applications to fit with the corporate image of your company. Offer your employees a familiar setting by including your logo and recognizable colours.

Your own domain

It is possible to customize the Declaree web application to your corporate design. We are able to configure the application with your logo, colours and business subdomain. The design also includes customized e-mail notifications to create a recognizable interface for your employees.

Whitelabel Smartphone App

White Label options can also be applied to the app. In addition to custom designing the app with your logo’s, colours and other wishes, our team creates a mobile app icon for your company. Your employees can now use the company app for declarations.

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Data Provisioning

The Analysis-Tool provides a clear overview of the expenses per employees within your organization. Detailed graphs offer you a perfect insight in expense patterns

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Individual Workflows offer a structure process. The correct approver for every message can be selected with the help of different guidelines.

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Daily Allowances & Advances

Fully supporting business travellers to automatically get the right travel allowances for meals, hours and destinations, the travel module offers advanced support for business travellers, so that they make the most out of a seamless trip.

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