Daily Allowances & Advances

The travel module is a real time saver for any business traveler. Whether you travel for business nationally or internationally, simply enter the data of your trip into the system and Declaree automatically calculates the daily allowance that business travelers are entitled to. Furthermore, the module also keeps into account and advances for meals paid by the employer.

Time saver

After creating a new trip, just type in the flight number and Declaree automatically calculates the applicable allowances according to the destination and the time spent there. If you are not flying, simply select your transportation method and enter the times of arrival and departure.

Based on the time and pre-set allowances, some deductions or additions can be applied. For example, if an employee gets lunch at a conference, the lunch allowance can be deducted automatically. This way, users can report the right travel allowances in just a few seconds – even from their plane and without an internet connection!

Automatic calculations

The calculations that used to be carried out manually after the trip by the HR or Finance department are no longer needed: all the correct amounts are automatically filled and provided in the expense report submitted by the employee. Even in complex trips to different locations, allowances are calculated for each stop by simply inputting the movements and time. All that is left to do is review and approve it!

To suit the policies of their business, administrators can pre-set allowances for concepts such as meals and determine the travel compensations per location, time and even per employee group.

Cash advances

Many employers choose to provide employees with (cash) advances to cover their travel expenses, so that they do not have to pay upfront out of their own pockets. You can account for these transactions in the Foreign Traveler™ module and employees can link expenses to the advances as usual. Users are able to see the reimbursable amount according to the advances received and the expenses incurred.

Easy overview

A good overview helps both employees and Finance Managers control expenses. The Foreign Traveler™ module provides a complete overview of all movements, allowances, advances and expenses associated to the trip. As always, you can combine your expenses for the trip in one complete report that will be submitted for approval.

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Daily Allowances & Advances

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