Single Sign-On

Nowadays, an increasing number of companies choose to implement Single Sign-On (SSO) throughout their infrastructure. With Declaree, this is possible too. Access Declaree conveniently from your existing corporate portal using the same username and password as always.

Improved Security Capabilities

Complex passwords are necessary for maximum security. With Declaree’s SSO feature, security is significantly improved as users are not required memorize multiple passwords. Notebooks filled with long alphanumerics are gone and users have just one password to remember, making it easier for organizations to manage and reinforce security requirements.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

With the SSO, employees save time and effort enabling them to focus on more important tasks and thus increasing productivity. Additionally, SSO allows for accounts to be managed in one go more easily and provides improved visibility of what is available to whom. It gives a simple, clear interface for identity management and permissions across all integrated systems.

Improved User Experience

The usability and a great user-experience of Declaree’s SSO feature allows for better long-term adoption of the technology. SSO is configured on your own subdomain, which can also be used to use your own brand image (see White Label for more information on this). With the single sign-on feature, employees no longer have to memorize a myriad of usernames and passwords, reducing frequently experienced frustrations.

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Integrated Backoffice

The seamless integration between Declaree and the ERP- or accounting system avoids making mistakes and automatically orders expenses in the correct categories.

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With groups, employees can only submit expenses to the categories that are available to them. These categories can be set, and changed from the beginning.

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Mileage expenses

Quickly and easily enter and submit your mileage expenses with Declaree. Once the locations are known the mileage is calculated automatically.

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