Mileage expenses

Quickly and easily enter and submit your mileage expenses with Declaree. Using auto-complete, origin- and destination address-suggestions appear automatically, so that the employee does not have to type each address entirely. Once the locations are entered, the distance is calculated automatically. You can choose between the fastest or shortest route in your settings. To come up with the fastest route, Declaree uses real-time data from Google Maps. The calculated route will be displayed on the map. Based on the travel distance and the selected- or available mileage rate, the total mileage compensation will be determined.

Easily enter locations

Entering addresses can be difficult on a mobile device. Declaree uses auto-complete, so after entering the first three characters, the app will suggest locations matching the search term. This saves time and provides a better user experience. Are you traveling to your destination via multiple locations? No problem, you can add up to 5 locations per trip. Additionally, you can indicate whether it concerns a one-way or a return trip.

Standard Routes

Do you frequently travel the same route?  There is no need to create a new mileage expense every time; instead, you can easily select multiple dates. For each of the selected dates, a separate expense will be created for the same route and details.

Deviating distances

Allow or prohibit employees to manually edit distances on their mileage expenses. Add and calculate distances in either miles or kilometers.

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Business Rules

Easily implement business rules for company compliance in order to control employee spending by defining all kinds of company policies which are easy to add and manage.

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Individual Workflows offer a structure process. The correct approver for every message can be selected with the help of different guidelines.

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With groups, employees can only submit expenses to the categories that are available to them. These categories can be set, and changed from the beginning.

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