Integrated Backoffice

A seamless integration with your accounting-, payroll-, and/or ERP-software saves you valuable time and prevents costly mistakes to be made by manually. Multiple ways are possible to integrate your employee expenses from Declaree to your backoffice software.

Intergrated Web Services

Working in the cloud creates opportunities. Declaree connects directly online with your software. Once you export the approved expenses from Declaree, it is automatically recorded within your accounting software. An additional PDF-file can be created and attached to the export as a proof of record. Examples of systems that Declaree can be integrated with; Quickbooks Online, Exact Online, SAP (FIN/HR/Travel), Oracle, ADP Perman & iHCM, Twinfield, Microsoft Dynamics, Unit 4, Nmbrs©.

Exports for 'on-premise' software

For on-premise software, Declaree offers multiple export formats. This allows you to simply export the data from Declaree and import it into your current in-house software without any hassle.


Customized exports

Does your organization use customized ERP-software? On request, we often develop customized integrations with existing infrastructure. By automatically synchronizing the data according to one’s wishes, you can be certain that all desired data ends up where you want it to.

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Business Rules

Easily implement business rules for company compliance in order to control employee spending by defining all kinds of company policies which are easy to add and manage.

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Data Provisioning

The Analysis-Tool provides a clear overview of the expenses per employees within your organization. Detailed graphs offer you a perfect insight in expense patterns

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Digital Expense Management

Declaree enables a seamless digital and simple process surrounding expense management and thus optimizes the cost accounting for companies and their employees.

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