Data Provisioning

Already using programs to manage your employee-data? It is possible to connect the program’s to Declaree to save you time. By using Data-Provisioning you are able to synchronize all relevant employee-data between Declaree and your management software.

Importing users

Through daily automatically synchronizing you are making sure that employee-data is always up-to-date, thereby saving your HR- and administration employees valuable time. The initial import is conducted through the use of a so called ‘Exchange Account’, in which the user-export is stored and imported in Declaree, or via your Identity Management System (IMS). Declaree is also able to offer a System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM).

Importing projects

Not only is it possible to import employee-data, but this also applies for your project data. Thereby, your company ensures that employees can select current projects.

Importing currency rates

Does your organization use its own exchange rates? With your Exchange Account at Declaree these can automatically be synchronized.

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Currency Converter

Reporting expenses while conducting business abroad is as easy as always. Just submit them in the foreign currency and they will automatically be converted to the currency of your organization.

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Mileage expenses

Quickly and easily enter and submit your mileage expenses with Declaree. Once the locations are known the mileage is calculated automatically.

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Daily Allowances & Advances

Fully supporting business travellers to automatically get the right travel allowances for meals, hours and destinations, the travel module offers advanced support for business travellers, so that they make the most out of a seamless trip.

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