Creditcard Integration

Do your employees use corporate creditcards? Then take advantage of our creditcard module. Receipts are recorded in Declaree similar to other submitted employee expenses. Once your creditcard provider sends an overview of all transactions, they are automatically matched with the submitted expenses. Thanks to this system you never have to manually search for receipts again.

Automized data-feed

An automised integration of creditcard transactions is also an option. In this case a data-feed of your creditcard provider to your Declaree administration would be connected. Each individual transaction (or batch of transactions) is automatically realtime matched with the correct expense and adds (missing) details of the transaction. The employee receives a push-notification once a new creditcard transaction has arrived in the system and awaits for him or her to be categorized and to add a receipt.


In case your creditcard supplier is unable to connect a data-feed, you are able to upload your creditcard transaction-overview within Declaree manually. Expenses that are submitted in Declaree with payment method ‘creditcard’ are automatically listed on a creditcard report. This provides you a clear overview of all transactions and if any receipts are missing. If this is the case, an expense adopts the status ‘concept’ and a manager can notify an employee of the missing receipt.

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