Business Rules

Save time with Business Rules by Declaree. Control employee spending by defining all kinds of company policies, such as “expenses in category Taxi may not exceed €40 per month”, “An employee may never submit fuel expenses and public travel expenses on the same day”, set a maximum for business lunches, which are easy to add and manage. With the help of the rule-engine of Declaree employees can be bound to submit expenses in line with the rules, preventing uncertainties or discussions later. At the same time, an employee, manager or head of finances can notice whether or not an expense is in line with the Business Rules. If an expense does not comply with regulations, it will be marked automatically and the employee will get a notification.


Tailor your policies per group

Regulations may deviate per group or individual. You can set different regulations for different groups of employees, countries, projects or other criteria. You can also set informative notes that teach your employees what expenses they can declare. This way, you can set differentiating maximums for all cost categories.

Variety of Business Rules

You are able to set three different types of Business Rules. An enforcing rule prevents an incorrect expense to be submitted by an employee. The warning rule shows the employee a notification that a rule is to be broken and why, but allows the employee to submit, for example, an expense that is incurred for a special case. The informative rule only brings the employee to the attention that a rule is broken by adding a blue colour.

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Currency Converter

Reporting expenses while conducting business abroad is as easy as always. Just submit them in the foreign currency and they will automatically be converted to the currency of your organization.

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Declaree enables a seamless digital and simple process surrounding expense management and thus optimizes the cost accounting for companies and their employees.

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Individual Workflows offer a structure process. The correct approver for every message can be selected with the help of different guidelines.

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