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Declaree is now ISAE 3402 certified
by Pietro | December 24, 2018

Our team at Declaree is obsessed with the data security of all our clients and users. Seeking the best way to secure and optimize our system and database we decided to start the ISAE certification process. Last week our auditor, EY, visited Declaree to deliver our approved ISAE 3402 Type I report. What is ISAE…

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10 Smart Declaree Features To Help Your Company Grow
by Jannik Lempken | August 13, 2018

At Declaree, we are continuously working and striving towards making our solution the most user-friendly and flexible in order to accommodate the individual needs of your company. The following are the 10 smartest features of Declaree that can help you make your expense management process more efficient and time-saving.   #1 Daily allowances Daily allowances…

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3 Must Haves for a Transparent Expense Report
by Jannik Lempken | April 30, 2018

For many companies the travel expense report portrays a tedious additional task. However, with some basic knowledge in the field and the support of automated processes, accounting expenses can be done comfortably on the side.   1. Differentiating types of expenses Travel expenses Expenses can be claimed via invoices, receipts or internal receipts. This includes travel…

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