Case Study


Case Study

Learn how NewSkool optimized their Expense Management with Declaree

This whitepaper illustrates the increased efficiency gained by implementing a digital Expense Management process powered by Declaree.

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We work a lot with young people who are used to using apps for everything

Jan Hubers
Head of Finance

About NewSkool

NewSkool daagt zijn medewerkers uit om het beste uit zichzelf te halen én helpt ze daarbij. Door naast hun (deeltijd-)studie alvast fulltime werkervaring op te doen beginnen ze hun carrière met een voorsprong. NewSkool challenge their employees to get the best out of themselves and help them with accomplishing that. By gaining full-time work experience in addition to their (part-time) study, they start their career with a head start.


It has to be 'custom' to the situation of NewSkool (for the future, it must be possible to make it a white label app) The expense program must have an app It must be able to link to Exact Online

Integrated Backoffice

The seamless integration between Declaree and the ERP- or accounting system avoids making mistakes and automatically orders expenses in the correct categories.

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Mileage expenses

Quickly and easily enter and submit your mileage expenses with Declaree. Once the locations are known the mileage is calculated automatically.

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Digital Expense Management

Declaree enables a seamless digital and simple process surrounding expense management and thus optimizes the cost accounting for companies and their employees.

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