Expense management simplified

One app for all your expenses, credit card expenditures, mileage and travel. Submitting an expense has never been easier.

Expense management

See your expenses managed in a simplified and easy process through the smartphone application and connected to your business accountancy software

Business Travel

Declaree supports the business traveler by offering trips, automatic calculations of region specific daily allowances, advances and much more

Credit card reconciliation

With direct credit card entry integration, push notifications for employees and automatic matching, you never have to look for a receipt again

Everything you need for employee expenditures

A frontoffice for
all your travel and other expenses

All functionalities within the app

Easily monitor cost flows within your organization. All declarations clearly displayed within a single environment.

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Business Traveler

Plan a trip and let Declaree automatically calculate the right daily allowances for you. Take a picture of the receipt and add it on the go as an expense. Do you want to manage your expenses during a flight but you have no connection? Don't worry, the app also works offline.


Dynamic Workflows

The Workflow Engine of Declaree is highly flexible. The next approver of reports is automatically determined by the system. Based on your predefined rules, the workflow is implemented with our Workflow Engine.


Creditcard Integration

Declaree offers multiple possibilities for creditcard integration such as a data-feed of transactions that are automatically matched to receipts, and automatic importing of information from receipts with OCR. Searching for receipts to match with expenses is a think of the past.


Smart Reports

With Smart Reports it is possible to automatically create and transmit expense reports, based on individual specifications. Expenses are placed in the correct reports and by predefining a date, the report will automatically be submitted.


Intuitive Mobile & Web Interface

Scan receipts via the app and edit, save and send them on the go. At the same time, everything is automatically synchronised and accessible through the Declaree web interface.


Safe & Secure

Declaree is committed to the highest safety standards. Your digital receipts will be kept on EU-based servers for at least 10 years. The documents are always strictly separated from the user data.

The Business Traveler™ arrived

Advanced support
for business travelers

Register your business trip in mid-air

Declaree supports business travelers by offering trips, automatic calculation of region-specific daily allowances, advances and more.

Robotic Reconciliation™ will save you time

Automatic reconciliation
of credit card transactions with receipts

Never search for matching receipts again

With direct credit card feed integration, push notifications for employees and automatic reconciliation of expenses, you'll never have to match receipts again.

10 Smart Declaree Features To Help Your Company Grow

At Declaree, we are continuously working and striving towards making our solution the most user-friendly and flexible in order to accommodate the individual needs of your company. The following are the 10 smartest features of Declaree that can help you make your expense management process more efficient and time-saving.   #1 Daily allowances Daily allowances…

3 Must Haves for a Transparent Expense Report

For many companies the travel expense report portrays a tedious additional task. However, with some basic knowledge in the field and the support of automated processes, accounting expenses can be done comfortably on the side.   1. Differentiating types of expenses Travel expenses Expenses can be claimed via invoices, receipts or internal receipts. This includes travel…