Reporting expenses while conducting business abroad is as easy as always. Just submit expenses in the currency paid and they will automatically be converted to the currency of your organization. Moreover, by default we use the exchange rate of the day of the expense, and store the original amount in the foreign currency as well for administration.


Default Currency

Declaree automatically converts your foreign expenses to the default currency of your organization using the daily conversion rate. We save historical exchange rates, so you can change the date later and still get the correct rate. The organization is able to select a default currency for its employees. It is also possible to select a default currency per employee in case an individual or group works abroad for a longer period, simplifying the process for your employees. Your most used currencies are easily accessible on top of the list.


Use your own exchange rates

Organizations and/or creditcard agencies may use exchange rates that differ from the standard daily exchange rate. You can choose to upload your own currency tables for customized rates or create a data link via SFTP. Since we store the amount of the expense in the original currency, it can always be changed later by using a conversion rate to overwrite the default.

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Digital Expense Management

Declaree enables a seamless digital and simple process surrounding expense management and thus optimizes the cost accounting for companies and their employees.

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Creditcard Integration

Declaree connects creditcard transactions automatically to individual expenses of employees and avoids searching for receipts.

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Daily Allowances & Advances

Fully supporting business travellers to automatically get the right travel allowances for meals, hours and destinations, the travel module offers advanced support for business travellers, so that they make the most out of a seamless trip.

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Mileage expenses

Quickly and easily enter and submit your mileage expenses with Declaree. Once the locations are known the mileage is calculated automatically.

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Integrated Backoffice

The seamless integration between Declaree and the ERP- or accounting system avoids making mistakes and automatically orders expenses in the correct categories.

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Data Provisioning

The Analysis-Tool provides a clear overview of the expenses per employees within your organization. Detailed graphs offer you a perfect insight in expense patterns

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Business Rules

Easily implement business rules for company compliance in order to control employee spending by defining all kinds of company policies which are easy to add and manage.

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With groups, employees can only submit expenses to the categories that are available to them. These categories can be set, and changed from the beginning.

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Single Sign-On

Employees can sign in to Declaree with only one click by using the Signle Sign-On option. Easy and fast, whilst maintaining full safety.

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Individual Workflows offer a structure process. The correct approver for every message can be selected with the help of different guidelines.

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Custom Fields

Use custom fields to capture vital properties of a user, report or expenses. These fields are highly adaptable and together, we can create the perfect fit, and exports for your needs.

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White Label

With White Label the possibilities are endless. You can create your own domain and app that fit with the corporate image of your company.

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Currency Converter

Reporting expenses while conducting business abroad is as easy as always. Just submit them in the foreign currency and they will automatically be converted to the currency of your organization.

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Categories & Cost Centers

Cost centers can be used to classify expenses and can be related to the equivalent cost centers used in your financial back-office.

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