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Save time and effort

Saving paper bills and filling in forms is gone. Take a photograph using the mobile app, and it's stored in your online overview.

Easy to use interface

The webapplication and app are extremely user-friendly. Clean and simple overviews, add, edit, search and view expenses without effort.

Always up-to-date

Currently offline? Don't worry,.. Declaree will continue in the background. As soon as you reconnect, it will synchronize your expenses.

Declaree offers you a 30 days trial

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No more forms

Your accountant gets an overview of all employees and their expenses. Integration with your accounting software makes it even easier to pay approved expenses.

Your data? Your data.

Are your expenses being processed offshore? Rather store them yourself? Declaree doesn't mind, your accountant will be able to export all expenses in just a click. Your data will always be yours. Comes in handy, whenever the tax agency likes to take a look.


Declaree offers extensive filters to create custom expense overviews. With a click of a button, you'll get the expenses reported on a specific category or project. Pretty neat if, for example, you want to closely monitor your public transportation expenses.

Setup budgets

The employer is able to set certain limits, for example in categories such as a monthly budget for books, public transportation or limiting the use of a taxi-service.

Expense regulations?

Starting 2015, new rules apply for reporting company expenses for reducing tax. An employer only gets to spend 1.4% of the total sum of net wages before having to raise 80% on taxes for employee expenses. [source: PWC] Using Declaree, you'll know exactly when you'll reach 1.4%.

Tax department?

Declaree works according to Dutch Tax laws and regulations and will keep your expenses save for 10 years. If you'd like more information on the Dutch Tax office regulations, please download their publication on the subject or take a look at their website at de belastingdienst.

Online expense reporting